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  Icon4 Exclusive Download

AvrilStar Exclusive
By Tim Johnson

XXth Olympic Winter Games
Audio Download Exclusive!

AvrilStar.com is proud to give you an exclusive audio download of Avril Lavignes performance at the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.

Avril performed after the handing over of the Olympic flag to Vancouver's mayor Sam Sullivan who is the first quadriplegic to accept the flag.

You can download Avrils performance of Who Knows that was performed about half an hour ago from the time this article was posted from here .
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Thanks! So! Very! Much!
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And I can't even listen to it, damnit.. How does she sound there?
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she sounds <3
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I'm sure you'd say that even if you'd hear drunk Av singing German anthem

No wait that would actually be <3 !!!
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Originally Posted by Let Go
she sounds <3
I wonder what "<3" means.
It won’t be too late when the smoke clears
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Hahahahaha. lmfao
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Thanks for the vid
Avril rocks
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Thanks a lot!!!
Avril Lavigne.So Cute!!!!

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Avril sounds fine, its the accoustics in the arena that sound bad LOL
"This is when I start to bite my nails..." - A. Lavigne
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hi! i would like to download this but I just don't know how, I would realle appreciate if you send me an e-mail explaning me how to do it, my e-mail is pau_avrillavigne_2@hotmail.com or paulita.k@gmail.com....
Thank you... Paulis
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Thanks ~~

Avril has a powerful voice ~,~
I like it ~~
Welcome to my msn space


By the way I am Chinese
Chinese characters there is a little hard to understand hah ~~
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wow that is soooo cool
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